Guitar Repairs

wp7566907b_06wpf36f0d2d_05_06ROBIN will discuss with you your level of expertise and what you require from your guitar – whether you are just setting out, or have been playing for many years.  All of our customers have been amazed at the difference that can be made to an instrument, even if they have been using a guitar for years and are not aware of specific problems.  He can often improve the playability, (and to a degree, the sound), dramatically, just with a  standard  Set Up. All work includes a spring clean on your instrument – it’s amazing how much better it can sound when it’s gleaming and in new condition again:)

Many guitars are actually not set up in a musically correct manner – even after tuning, the guitar does not produce notes which are in tune with each other; often only noticeable to a musician’s discerning ear.

wpb1a3b4f3_06Robin (AKA The Guitar Doctor ) is an experienced musician of many years standing. He’s not saying how many, but he started playing at the age of 13 and serviced his first guitar in the early 60s !  Many guitars have passed through his hands over the years, and they were all significantly improved when he passed them on !  He owns several electric guitars by Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker etc. and a Takamine acoustic-electric, so you can leave your guitar, safe in the knowledge that he knows what can be achieved.

wpfe42c5b6_06E-Bay can be an excellent source of a bargain. The owner may have sold a guitar because it doesn’t sound right – and a buyer may be disappointed in his purchase; however, a set up from Doc Rob is often all it needs to fulfil a “rogue” guitars potential. Customers are pleased to find that Robin will talk about their guitar in detail, showing and explaining what could be improved, and he also provides a written report detailing the work done.
He is not in the business of “get-em-in-and-get-em-out-of-the-door-as-fast-as-possible” ! He is a perfectionist!
wp01af2b8d_0aThis is why he offers an initial free, no obligation appraisal of your instrument. We know  that your relationship with your guitar is a very special and personal one, and Robin is as anxious as you are to ensure that your instrument is producing the best sound possible, whether for a recording session, gigs, the school concert, talent competition or just jamming in the garage !