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wp49bc3493_06Many people have commented that they find these photos entertaining – so – I have put some photos on of our visit to the London International Music show in June 2008 see Rob drooling on the PRS stand!! ( he wants a Swampash Special! ) Pix of Jim Marshall and Yngwie Malmsteen

wp9ca23308_05_06For those of you who are interested I’ve put some pix here of a visit we made to Hard Rock Cafe Hall of Fame in 2008 and 2009. Theres also a link through to a Harrods Exhibition we visited in March 2007 which features the FIRST EVER ELECTRIC GUITAR!!!    Also some of Robs’ 60th birthday, ( Jan 1st 2007) and our meeting with Deep Purple when they came to Nottingham ( May 2007 )!!

We had several music-associated trips out in summer – 2008, from the London Music International show in June, to Americana at Newark, and the Vicfest ( Victoria Hotel in Beeston!).

rob_and_albert_leeThere’s also a page of pictures from Robins’ 60th birthday party!

There is a selection of 2009 trips on the “more photos”

The website is done by me, Jean, Robin’s wife; you’ll probably see me when you come around.  Cheers for now – keep your eye on the website. wp34e357ff

I’ve added a Feeedback  on the “contact Us” page so you can add comments if you’ve been here. The comments will eventually be moved to “Testimonials”.

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