The ‘Guitar Doctor’ Guitar Service and Repairs in Nottingham.

The Authentic Guitar Doctor Repair Service in Notts.

Robin says: Thankyou for visiting our site. I’m based in Nottingham and provide a comprehensive guitar repair and set up service for guitars and basses, electric and acoustic.

Guitar Servicing and Repairs

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Easy to park in Chilwell, Beeston, (NG9 4BJ) I’m between Derby and Nottingham, about 10 minutes from exit 25 of the M1. Just take the A52 exit towards Nottingham and then I’m about 5 minutes from the Bramcote Bathsroundabout (take the Bramcote Village exit) on the A52.

I serve most of the East Midlands, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Worcestershire and Leicestershire because of the good accessibility; I’ve also had a job from Lanzarote, but that’s a long story!! Local customers can use the tram or the 36 bus.

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There are very few musicians who are ever completely and totally convinced that they are getting the best possible sound from their instrument.

Often you just need a minor adjustment or change of pick-up, but are not confident enough to do it yourself.

The latest jobs we are seeing is where a customer has intended to build his own guitar, but found its more difficult than it looks and has asked me to do it!!!

After a guitar leaves the factory, however meticulously it has been set up, it is subject to changes. Temperature and humidity variations are usually to blame, not to mention the stresses and strains it is subject to in the various shipping and handling processes:-

“Handle With Care”….mmm, like your holiday luggage ??

Quality conscientious work

Handcrafted work..

Of course, everyday usage causes changes to the guitar too. Just like a car, guitars need regular servicing to carry out adjustments and minor repairs to return it to peak performance.

A shop may tune it and do an initial set up, but it is unlikely that they will have the time to ensure that it is tailored to your particular style of playing. A shop or factory certainly won’t have spent 2-3 hours on an expert fret dress! (My speciality!)

I am finding more and more brand new guitars coming for “treatment”, so don’t assume that because it’s new, it’s right!! If you are disappointed with your new guitar, bring it along.

Our visits and rock journeys

A BIG thankyou to Robin’s satisfied customers who have taken the trouble to Email their thanks and allowed us to use them on the Testimonials pages. Although many new customers are word of mouth recommendations, for guitarists who are completely new to Robin, these testimonials are definitely a high factor (you tell us so!!) in reassuring you that “Doc Rob is the place to go!!“ Have a look on the Contact Us page for the latest feedback.

Robin has been established since 2003 in Beeston, although he has been setting up and servicing his own and band members’ guitars for a lot longer. We have regular customers who make Robin the first port of call after buying a brand new guitar, because they KNOW it can sound even better!

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