Testimonials – 2

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1974
Robin did a really excellent job on my Les Paul.
I first went to see Rob to see if he could fix a volume pot that had collapsed into the guitar body. While I was with him he had a quick play on my guitar and suggested the instrument would be vastly improved with a fret dress, new nut and general set up. After previously learning about Robin’s reputation through his web site testimonials, I was happy to trust him with my cherished Les Paul!
What a difference he made to this 37 year old instrument! It really does play and feel better than ever. I would always recommend Rob to anyone seeking a repair, service or even just a general set up to a newly bought instrument.
Nick C., Beeston, Nottingham

Gibson Les Paul Standard Double-cut
I bought my Gibson Les Paul DC on eBay 4 years ago. It looked great, it sounded just ok and I was not quite sure why.
After reading all the positive reviews on this webpage I decided to give it to Robin and see if he could do something about it. I collected my guitar from him this afternoon and I just cannot stop playing it, the result it’s just amazing. I find it quite hard to put this down in words. It was most definitely money very well spent.
He took care of every minute detail and recorded every action carried out in a file that was promptly emailed to me. Amongst other things, the bridge saddles needed some cleaning and re-filing, the nut slot needed some adjustment and most importantly the frets needed a proper dressing.
Using Robin’s words, the guitar now plays as it should!
Thanks again,
Beppe M., Nottingham

banez JS-100
Just adding a thanks for Rob’s services on my guitar! After getting a good sound from my JS, I wanted the playability from it also! Pleased to say I’m happy with the service I received.
I needed a low, low action and to gain that I needed the frets all sorting properly. Now its a different beast altogether! I’m actually able to play the way I wanted to now on this guitar!
I like the restored frets very much Rob, and it went a tad lower too after I got it home!!! Lovely now mate!
Matt A, Notts

Takamine EN10C Acoustic-electric
Thank you for the recent work you carried out on my Takamine EN10C. The guitar was giving me real problems before you took it in. The tuning was never perfect and the G-string did tend to snap constantly through performances.
I have noticed a real change in the sound of the instrument, the tone is clearer and lasts longer. Also the guitar truly is a pleasure to play, I have a few big gigs on the horizon and rather than dreading them due to the same old problems I’m really looking forward to them now!
Thank you for all the hard work, my Dad said you have a wealth of knowledge on guitars and your work proves it.Thanks again,
Dan W.

Gibson Les Paul Standard (Black)
Just a quick E-mail to thank you for the work you have done on my guitar. It feels so much better to play but the most outstanding difference is the way that it sounds. It literally sounds like a new guitar with every note on the fret board ringing through my Vox AC30. When I play a chord I can hear harmonics that were just not there before.
I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks again. Rich G

J&D Brothers Les Paul (TobaccoBurst)
Just like to say a big thanks for fixing all my guitar’s problems. It sounds and plays really nice now. I have not put it down since I got home. All I’ve got to do now is learn to play it better so I can do your work some justice! Thanks again,Richard T (Tibshelf)

MusicMan Stingray Bass (Black)
I took my rather sick and unwell Ernie Ball music man, 4 string, 3 eq bass guitar to see Robin. After years of gigging, practising, touring, it was heavily worked and needed some serious care and attention. The sound was just dull, lacked energy and the vibe it once had. Robin gave it a good diagnosis. What I liked was that he had a lot of time to sit with me and examine the bass and make notes. This left me feeling confident that it was going to be in good hands.
Right on time, Robin emailed me as promised with the wonderful news that it was ready for collection. I quickly arranged a time and set off with excitement in my car, eager to see the results. I met with Robin and he had it all ready for me, tuned up and plugged into an amp ready for me to check it out. I simply could not believe the difference, my bass was transformed, an immediate difference to the whole sound and feel.
Now moving swiftly to when I got back home – I plugged it in to my Ampeg, and I could not put it down, 4 hours later, in which I was in a complete world of my own, absorbing the tonality, the beautiful ringing sound of the MusicMan. THE VIBE WAS BACK, better than I have ever heard it. I was in a pool of sweat, with the sheer enjoyment I was projecting into the play. It rang through the music which I was playing to, and it was just superb.
I am 100% satisfied with the work that Robin has done. Sheer excellence in workmanship. I will most certainly be seeing you again Robin for when my other Bass guitars are ready for some of your special touch…. My gratitude for your care and integrity, that has