London Live Music 2010

On Saturday 13th November 2010 we went to London Olympia to The Guitar Nation Show – an enjoyable day, which we rounded off, as usual, by a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe. The other memorable thing was that we brought back bad colds, due to the crowded tubes and buses !.

On the train going, Robin had a Budweiser – so what, you might ask ? Well, here is a photo of what must be the world’s most expensive “Bud” at £3.95 per bottle !!!                  Move your cursor over the thumbnail to get a good view !!

Unfortunately, although I had taken my “good” camera with us, I had left its battery at home, still charging – oops! Good thing I had the mobile phone with me, but unfortunately not such good quality pix.

Robin enjoyed meeting Trev Wilkinson, who I hadn’t heard off, but is a well respected guitar innovator, the brains behind Fret-King and Vintage guitars, and recently the driving force behind the newly-unveiled self-tuning bridge, (being demonstrated).

We also had the great pleasure of meeting Albert Lee, (who I had heard of !). (Picture taken by Trev !) In fact we’ve been watching Albert perform since our late teens when he used to play with Country Fever at The Nashville Rooms in London. He’s a very well respected figure in the music business, featuring with virtually every big name in Country music in America, including Vince Gill, Linda Ronstadt and the Everly Brothers. He was kind enough to stop for a short chat and to have his photo taken with us – a lovely bloke, so quiet and unassuming but with a massive talent !

If you haven’t come across Albert before, check out the following:

Also, this will blow your socks off –


Just for fun, I took a photo of the worlds’ most expensive guitar strap, at least, a replica of it, as they wouldn’t let him exhibit the one with the £25,000 diamond in it !!!

All in all a great day out, keeping up-to-date with the latest guitars etc., meeting some super people and making useful contacts. Roll on next year !