Testimonials – 10

Fender HSS Black Stratocaster 2008
I took my Strat to see Robin a couple of weeks ago ( Aug 09 ) – she was badly in need of a setup and most of all a fret dress. The guitar already felt good, but now after Robin has weaved his magic it feels like this guitar has been tailored for me!I cannot stress how good my Strat now feels the neck is like liquid, and everything just seems so perfect! No more buzzing, due to Robin’s speciality fret dress, and peace of mind – everything on the guitar is bang on! I cannot recommend his service highly enough!! Jean, Robin’s wife was very welcoming too.
If you’re having problems or your Guitar needs T.L.C., look no further – Robin is the man!! Hope to see you again soon with another Guitar!


Fender Stratocaster
Robin gave me back a guitar I never knew I had! Highly recommended.
BC Rich Virgin (Black)
Thought I’d drop you a quick E-Mail to say many, many thanks for the awesome job you did with my BC Rich Virgin. The end result is absolutely outstanding. The guitar plays better than it ever has and I spent hours re-acquainting myself when I got her home.

You managed to breathe life back into what was, when I dropped it off, nothing but a stripped out, slightly neglected guitar and a bag of assorted parts. The new Pickup, electronics and hardware made a huge difference and really open up the guitar’s range of tone.

What really impressed me was the time and skill that you put into sorting out the neck. The fret dress has transformed how the guitar feels to play and annoying fret buzz and choked strings are now a distant memory. The top nut now looks and feels as it did from new and the overall set up is perfect. Neck, Truss, Action, Intonation, Electrics…all spot on

The skill and attention that you have put in is extraordinary and I will definitely be giving your number to my fellow axe-slinging friends and family. Professional, Friendly, Knowledgeable and Excellent Value for Money. What more can I say but thank you!
Kind Regards
Chris Richardson, Technical & Training Support

MJR Caparison (White)
Hi there again, sorry it has taken a little while to leave my testimonial regarding your fantastic work on my guitar, as I was waiting just to see if  anything went wrong, as I am used to. But no, as I was promised, you have done a marvellous job. The toggle switch now works better than ever, and also there is a reduced amount of hiss through the pick-ups, which is also great.
For a while now I have been afraid to use this guitar live, due to the fear of one of the pick-up’s signal being lost, but finally I can use my favourite guitar without fear.
Again thank you so much for your “essential” improvement to my guitar, even if it was only minor work.You are a credit to any musician in need of work on their guitar. If I have any problems again I won’t hesitate in giving you a call; and will be recommending you to all my guitar enthusiastic friends!
All the best, and keep rocking! Daniel Flak

Tanglewood Canyon 2 Clone and Hudson Bass ( July 09 ) I  have read the other testimonials left for Robin the guitar doctor, and I can only repeat what has already been written. When I bought this bass I thought then that it played so nicely that it would struggle to be improved. After a while the pots became scratchy and I thought replacement was the only option. I discovered Robin and decided to get the work done to improve its electronic stability. Whilst there I decided to have a good general service done on the bass. Well I now have my guitar back and like many have said I cannot put it down.. Robin performed a fret dress and cleaned the pots and made a few electrical improvements. I was amazed when he said he had not replaced any parts just cleaned and tidied up what was already there. The bass plays and feels fantastic. He has turned my £300 bass into a £500 bass. I now feel very proud of my relatively unknown bass and it is a pleasure to play. Thank you so much for an expert job. Dean.M(

Guitar_Tanglewood Canyon 2 and Hudson Bass. ( 2 )   As my previous feedback (see above) reads, Robin did a fantastic job on my bass.  A few weeks ago I attended a bass clinic in Colchester where I went to meet Stu Hamm, ( Joe Satriani etc.)  I had an opportunity to chat with him and get him to sign my bass. I asked him if he would do me the honour of playing a few scales on it, if nothing else just so that I knew my bass had been played by Stu.  He played on it for a minute or two and then commented on how nice the set up was. Only 2 weeks previously it had been on Dr Robin Asher’s operating table for him to work his magic. This says a lot for Robin’s skills. If ever there was a man who knows about a good bass set up, it has to be Stu Hamm, and if the set up’s good enough to impress Stu then it sure is good enough for me and everybody else I dare say.  Robin is indeed a Doctor of the guitar and approval from Stu Hamm – well its doesn’t get much better than that.
Thanks again Robin., from Dean
PS: Thanks also to Nurse Jean Asher who keeps the doctor’s brow mopped and provides him with mugs of tea whilst performing the surgery!

Fender Precision Bass American Standard (Black)

Just to say thank you for the great work that you did on my ’08 Fender American Standard Precision Bass. First of all, thank you for giving me your expert opinion about the bass itself, as being a beginner I would not have known where to start with it. When I gave you the bass I did not expect much change in it’s playability; however I was pleasantly surprised after you finished all the work to find that it was much, much better than before. Also, having played it at a concert since, I have to say I’m very happy with it. I will recommend you to all my musician friends, and be sure to come back if I’m in need of  more work.  Regards, Nick