Testimonials – 13

Testimonials 13
Fender Musicmaster
I  took my newly beloved ’78 Fender Musicmaster bass into Rob to see if he could make it sound as good as it looked. It went in sounding like it had suffered 30 messy years of hardcore punk battering. The action was higher than a very high thing, the tone dial was none existent and the 70s strat pickup reminded me just why it was classed as a ‘student’ model back in the day. Enter The Guitar Doctor who painstakingly stripped years off the little axe, converting it from a mid life crisis into a randy teenage tearaway. He smoothed out the frets, did the limbo with the action (how low can you go!) and added a DiMarzio upgrade which trebled its vocals. He even tried to clean it, brave man! I now look the business, sound the business and have (hopefully) breathed another 30 years into this classic short scale bass. Totally recommended to all my band mates in “Capone” and to any other axe wielding rockers out there who want to get the true potential out of their guitars. Mike – “Capone”  
Thanks again.
Fender Stratocaster
I thought I would drop a line to say that the work you did on my Strat is terrific, and has made much more difference than I would have thought could have been made to the guitar. All the things that I had taken as just inevitable features of the guitar’s design, the high action, occasional buzzing, the fuzzy tone and the mediocre sound high up on the fretboard, have been completely turned around. The amount of effort I have to use in my left hand is halved, and the quality of sound, and the range of different tones I can get out is massively improved. Had I known this before I would have brought it round long ago!
Thanks,  Joseph Ambrose Robert Edwards,
Girton College, Cambridge

Hi Robin,
I cannot agree more with the other testimonials on your website. I could go on repeating the comments made (especially from Tom,The Yarbles) but would just like to add from my own experience with The Guitar Doctor, that apart from making my bass so much better in all aspects ( I thought it was good but now it’s superb!) you (Robin) were very fair with the price quoted, taking you far longer to sort the bass than originally thought. You are a true gent to deal with as well as a very talented craftsman. My recommendation will go to all I know who play.
Many thanks
Mick Rhodes

Hi Robin,
I  used the bass in first full rehearsal last night and the new set up is awesome – the improvement in action and playability is stupendous. Everything I’m doing just seems that little bit easier! Tonally it was always a good bass, but now the sound is really sweet! Its like playing a completely new instrument and it does everything I ask of it – whereas before there were always limitations or the odd idiosyncrasy that I just lived with. Now the bass is so much more versatile!
I will definitely be recommending your service to everyone!
Steve Giles
Hi Robin
My Crafter, so much more playable than before, I would almost think it is a different guitar!!! A job very well done. Thank you very much
Peter Demaine
Apologiesto Tom and Aly below, but I have edited them a little in order to make some space!!!( JA )
Fender Telecaster
A few months ago at a gig I was offered a Mexican Fender telecaster for a suspiciously cheap £100. I felt it too good too refuse and snapped it up straight away. After the show I found it a little more ‘gig worn’ than I first anticipated!
The fret board was in terrible state and it played awful!! ……….Ater some net trawling I came across’The Guitar Doctor’ based near Nottingham. I live in Leicester but after reading the testimonials on the website left for Robin (the Doctor) I gave….him a call and took over the guitar. The location wasn’t difficult to find at all and after a very warm welcome we got down to the telecaster. We spoke about what initially had to be done to the guitar to try and decide whether itwas worth carrying out any work at all!! The neck was bent,the intonation was way out and the frets really noisy just to name a few of the problems! After a good chat Robin felt it was worth doing after all,which I was very happy about ………. I left feeling sure Robin would do his best and had no doubt if anyone coulddo this then this was the guy! I have tried many companies and independent bodies with various
guitars and have never been entirely happy with either service or prices before,but felt Robin to be genuine and certainly knowledgeable in the guitar field! A few days later,……………..I  was completely astonished at the formation that had taken place! I gave it a test run and couldn’t believe it. Not a buzz,rattle or piece of dirt in sight! Everything we spoke about at the initial meeting had been completed and more!! Everything was spotlessly clean and set up to a degree only a true craftsmen could bring to fruition,and all for a very,very reasonable price! This will definitely be my guitar of choice at all our future shows and can’t wait to hear it live! It has been transformed – thank you so much
Robin,a true perfectionist!!!! See you again soon. Tom (The Yarbles)
Note from Robin: This was the worst sounding Telecaster I had ever seen/heard, but ultimately the most satisfying job!!! Especially as Tom  was clearly very happy!!
Hiya Robin.  I played the “White Vulture” at a practice on Monday, ….it sounds AMAZING, and plays so well it scares me. You have this amazing gift of  taking a guitar that I, (in my naivety), think will do, and turn it into something I didn’t even know I owned. Take my  orange Shine Gretsch-alike copy that you did last year – I’d played it quite happily for some time, and gave it to you to put pickups and coil-taps in, and set up. When I got it back, it felt like a guitar that cost at least £500 more than I paid for it.  Your skill with electronics is excellent – the coil taps are wonderful, the out of phase  setting is ace, and the pickups are set at PERFECT height – but the most amazing thing is what you do to the neck and general playability.  Your fret dressing is amazing, nothing less…. you took an ok guitar and made it into the only guitar I wanted to play live for the
rest of my life, thereby rendering about 5 guitars almost redundant.Then I got the “White Vulture” off ebay, gave it to you to swap the pickups and generally pimp it up the way you do, and everything changed again…I was kind of worried when it arrived in the post – the dead
spot on the neck wasn’t good, and I wasn’t holding my breath.You astounded me, in short.  Your work on the neck alone makes me want to invent a medal for services to guitars and award it to you.  It felt smoother, the frets were levelled, and it just LOOKED healthier.  The pickup swap was again perfect, and this vulture is giving the orange Gretsch some INTENSE competition…All I can say is thank you.  You have a wonderful talent for taking a guitar that is average and applying some kind of moth-to-butterfly potion to turn them into something beyond what I thought they were capable of.
I promise the next guitar I give you will be a solid body that just needs a polish or something, to say sorry you’re your handling of two awkward semi’s in a row.Again, thanks Robin. you’re a legend. Face it mate, you’re quite good at what you do! All the best – Aly