Testimonials – 8

Takamine acoustic

Just a quick thank you for transforming my Takamine into something which is very much nicer to play. I’ve probably played it more in the last two weeks than I have in the last year. Thanks again for a wonderful job. Regards, Steve C
Brunswick BF 200, Vintage 535 (335 copy).
I am a late starter at playing guitar and have been learning for six months. I have puchased the two guitars listed. Experience gained has shown the faults in both new guitars. Both have now been breathed on by the Doctor. What a joy to now try and play both instruments – they are now as they should have been when purchased. I got good advice, friendly greeting, free lessons ! The work was done and returned quicker than expected. In a world full of mediocrity it’s great to find someone with Robin’s skills and enthusiasm.  Steve T. (Loughborough)
GIBSON ES335 Ebony, (Left-handed). This guitar is only a few yrs old, it has not been touched since it left the USA. I bought without seeing. It arrived, looked OK, played like a pig…..so off to Robin. (He had already sorted my Ricky 12 string, and Crafter previously, see Testimonials.) I told Robin to “do what you like to it, its crap as it is” and left it with him. I had it back today….I played it at Robin’s. I honestly thought I was playing some other guitar. It’s bloody MAGIC. He spent a lot of time on the neck/frets/nut and bridge areas, (neck had an up turn on the top end), frets very uneven, it pinged, generally poor playability. I can only “speak as I find” ……SO..Jean, the coffee and Hobnobs were fine – oh yes, I almost forgot, the guitar is perfect as well !…….I’ll be back. Roy, (Worcester)n,
Windaroo Semi-acoustic guitar
Just a quick email to say thank you for the repair work on my Windaroo Semi-acoustic guitar – not only has it been beautifully restored, you gave it the sound it deserves. I was considering selling it, but I think this one’s a keeper!
Hope you’re as busy (and happy to be) as usual, Kind regards, James Charles
 Squire mb4
Excellent quality work made a new guitar out of it cheers,sorry this took so long had guitar sorted in Feb 09 still sounds great.
Len (Nottingham)
Fender Strat with Roland Pickup
Thanks for the work you did on my Strat – band rehearsal last night and it was so much better than before. No fret buzz, neck was so easy to play, no ‘cricket’ noises. I wish I had found your website years ago. The only problem I can see is that I can no longer blame the guitar for my dodgy playing! I have passed your card on to our bass player, and I will bring you my other guitar to take a look at in the new year. Thanks again,  Andy (Derby)
Squier Strat
My guitar needed a fret dress and additional repairs. Robin did a fantastic job for a great price and I will recommend him to as many guitarists and bassists as I can. Aidan (Nottingham
I play mainly thrash metal and went looking on eBay for a guitar with a trem and found this with an original Floyd-Rose and a Fernandes Sustainer fitted and promptly snapped it up! The first thing I did when it arrived (after having a quick shred!) was to remove the ganky old strings and fit the 10-52 I always use. It soon became apparant that the stings I’d just taken off were 9’s and I was about to pull the Floyd out of the body as the spring tension was totally wrong. Realising I didn’t have a clue what I was doing I went on the net to find help, and Robin came up on top. I read through the testimonials and decided to get a full service/set-up too. I sent an email and got a reply less than an hour later! I then called and took my guitar down at the earliest opportunity. After showing Robin my guitar it was clear that a fret dress would be in order to get the most out of it (buzzing frets everywhere!) I left it with him to work his magic.
After picking up my “new” guitar and having it home for a couple of weeks I can’t believe how playable this beast is now, no buzzing, has held its tuning (Eb) and notes just ring for days, I don’t even have to use the sustainer!
The downside is I now know how bad my other guitars are set up and plan and get them sorted to the same standard next year sometime. Thank you Robin for your great work! Lewis
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Just a brief word to thank you for the work on my Epiphone. The guitar has become a dream to play and the improvement is amazing. I can guarantee that my other guitars will be visiting soon for similar treatment. Once again thank you. Kind regards Steve (Ripley)
Ibazez S-270
I bought my Ibanez S-270, previously owned, on eBay. I got it at a good price but it had been rather mistreated. Having set it up to the best of my ability, it still felt as though it was fighting me all the time. I decided to take the advice of a good friend and book it in with Robin. I am just thrilled and amazed at the transformation he has achieved with this guitar, it now plays beautifully and seems even to sound a bit sweeter. If you are looking for a Guitar Doctor then look no further. I highly recommend you take your pride and joy to Robin. Great service and value, from a thoroughly nice bloke. Thanks Robin,  Dave ( Nottingham )
Westfield Acoustic
Just a quick thank you for doing an excellent job on my Westfield acoustic. You have made a £130 guitar play and sound, like one 5 times that price. When i get my new electric guitar I will bring it over for you to have a look at it for me.
Thanks once again. Carl (Mansfield)
Fender Telecaster
Just want to say thanks for the work you did on my Tele (a couple of weeks ago). It played perfectly for the studio dates and I’d recommend your service to anyone. I can play through the whole range now without any buzzing noises, and it just generally feels great !I have an older strat that I’m currently sorting out – going to do a paint job and I’m currently buying new pickups, scratch plate etc. Will be bringing it to you for the same job in due course ! Thanks a lot, Andy.