Testimonials – 1

Partcaster “Custom” Telecaster

I like to “tinker” with guitars, mainly Mexican made Fender Stratocasters, I take them apart and mess about with the pick ups and wiring configurations. Recently I decided to build a Telecaster with parts of the internet, which was going really well until I had finally finished the guitar, re strung it and started to play. I noticed that the nut hadn’t been cut properly so open chords sounded off, and I’d got fret buzz all over the place. Hmmmm, these issues were well out of my area of expertise. So I ended up here, possibly just as you are, reading Robin’s testimonials. It’s all true – everything you read here is true. Robin is one of those people that you meet in life that helps to restore your faith in people. He cares. He cares about your guitar, and he cares that when it leaves him, it is the BEST it can be. I genuinely enjoyed the whole experience, and smiled all the way home after I’d picked up the guitar which now rather than buzzing like an old fridge, sings like a canary, a very happy canary. So please, if you’re looking for someone to sort out your guitar, whatever the issue you have with it rest assured that if you embark upon the same path as I did, you will arrive at your destination the richer for it. The only problem you might encounter is that you’ll want Robin to have a look at ALL your guitars!

Many thanks Robin it was an absolute pleasure to meet you – keep doing what you’re doing, and hopefully our paths will cross again. Matt, Mansfield Woodhouse.

Gibson Les Paul Standard (1987) (Wine Red)

Hi Robin, I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the Les Paul is behaving and I have to say I am really impressed with the outcome. The frets are nice and playable and the neck / fingerboard is great with that Gibson classic feel. I never thought it would be as I originally bought it in ’87. I think I mentioned to you that your acquaintance Robbie Gladwell originally set it up and you have certainly done him proud all these years later. What a great instrument to play and I hope it compares to your gold top? Steve, Nottingham.

Just because you’re old, treasured, irreplaceable and constantly in use doesn’t mean you’re not cheap, untuneable, unplayable and constantly depressing! My old 1973/4 Fender F65 acoustic was a decent enough budget guitar of it’s day and never meant to be anything else.

It’s used every day for songwriting and as a ‘grab for’ guitar around the place, but has never had any attention. It was impossible to use, either live or in the studio, due to tuning problems and fret buzz. It had an action that only William Tell could love. It needed sorting, but having become priceless to me over the years, (things develop mojo, y’know), I was very wary about putting it in the hands of a guitar tech. I shopped around, went to have a chat with Robin. Half an hour later I was happy and confident that I’d found the man for the job.

The fragile heirloom was booked in for a fret-dress, nut job, bridge sort, truss adjust and all points in between. My beloved old acoustic is now arrogant, demanding and full of airs and graces. It plays beautifully, tunes perfectly and is a joy to use.Thanks to Robin, for the first time in decades, I’ve been able to play it live and even did a two hour gig with it last week, using it on all but two numbers. The venue manager even commented afterwards on how good it sounded. Robin, at the most ridiculously reasonable price, has saved, restored and TRANSFORMED that little guitar. As a 38 year old budget acoustic it has no right to play and be as good as it is. I can’t stop playing it.  I  can’t thank you enough Robin. See you soon with my Strat with the unique multi-directional neck!Kind Regards,Steve Nottingham

Cherry Red Gibson ES175

Black ’54 Fender Strat – Japanese reissue

I took Robin two guitars that I had owned for some time and had never really enjoyed playing very much. They didn’t feel right or sound right somehow. I twiddled with the action a little bit, tried different amps and stompbox settings, but couldn’t seem to like them any more. So – eventually decided to take them to Robin for a bit of TLC and adjustment. The guitars were troublesome to set up, but Robin persisted until he was satisfied they were fixed.When I went to pick them up they were totally better – great sound and great to play. The notes seemed to leap off the fretboard. I reckon you only get this from someone who knows what they are doing and who cares about getting it just right. If Richie Blackmore had taken his Strats to Robin, he might have been even better!! Anyone reading this – you might not realise how much better your guitar can be until Robin has set it up for you. Give him a try is my recommendation – and call in advance: he’s always busy ;-) Great job Robin – can’t put ’em down now. Thanks! Mart ( Derby)

Fender Standard Telecaster

Because it was our Silver Wedding Anniversary last year, I was treated to this lovely 60th Anniversary Natural Ash Tele, a beautiful guitar. I always thought that a guitar of this quality should have a professional set up and what a lovely job Robin has done, in fact he was reluctant to give me the guitar back! There was a list as long as my arm of all the actions that were carried out on this guitar and I was very pleased with the results. Robin has now also got my Mexican Strat, a guitar which is probably nearly ten years old and has never had a proper set up, he will also get to service my other guitars in the future.Robin provides an excellent service and is also very nice chap, I will recommend his expertise to any guitar player. Paul J, Lincoln

Fender USA Tele’

Doctor doctor gimme the news, I had a bad case of Tele blues !! Well not anymore , as they say on match of the day ‘the boy dun good’.

I now have my tele’ back playing & sounding great !! Robin yo da man, in fact you should change your name to ‘Ronseal’ coz you do what it says on the tin. Hope to see you & Jean at one of our gigs in the near future.

All the best to the best.Kenny Plenderleith, guitarist in “McKenZie”, Epping, Essex.

Joe Bonamassa Gibson Studio:  had it only 4 months from new, the neck was not true, and had nut problems. Robin took great care explaining the work needed and was up front about the work cost, which is great to know. The work was done in excellent time, and to a super standard, He did a super fret dress, and went the extra mile to get the best results. The guitar now plays perfectly, the guitar rings, all the frets are smooth, and the wood looks great. Ain’t put it down since I got back home with it. What can I say, super job, thank you Robin. Will be back with other work next year.Jonathan B., Ashbourne, “Biglix”

Gibson Les Paul Standard plus Sunburst
I took my LP standard to Robin and asked him to have a listen to the ‘incurable’ R.F. hum. Several ‘techs’ had advised me that it was an inherent problem with LPs. Within minutes, to my amazement, the problem was diagnosed and a detailed course of action discussed. The pots were also causing problems; this was also remedied. Whilst looking at the neck Robin noticed a slight twist in the neck which was giving me intonation problems, also uneven slots in the nut. Not satisfied with the results Robin rang to ask if he could cure the uneven frets he had noticed when the strings were removed. What a perfectionist!
I was delighted with the first class job Robin had performed. This guy transformed a good LP into an amazing LP!
If you want the best to bring out the best in your pride and joy take it to Robin, he is a true pro and thoroughly nice guy.
I can’t wait to get my Gold Top Strat and 335 to him!
Robin I cannot thank you enough, see you soon.

Best regards, Stuart L, “Backline Blues”, Burton-on-Trent