Testimonials – 7

Testimonials 7

Yamaha TRB-5 Bass Hi Robin,Thanks for your hard work in sorting out my much neglected bass last week. It plays and sounds great, probably better than it ever has !It must have been the bass, as after last Saturday’s gig the band were offered 8 more including New Years Eve !!!.Thanks again, Graham L

Musicman Axis Supersport:  I had bought my dream guitar off eBay and when it arrived I realized it was a dog to play, (yet still sounded great as these guitars do). So I sent it off to my local guitar tech, who in time “set it up” for me. After playing the newly setup guitar I realized it still didn’t play anywhere like I hoped. Being disappointed with the guitar I assumed I had just bought a dog and left it to gather dust for a couple of months.
Eventually a decided to pick the guitar up again and noticed the guitar couldn’t hold it’s tune with whammy bar gentle dips. On realizing this I thought I’d give my axe one last setup attempt but with someone else. This is when I came across the Guitar Doctor. I took the guitar to him, and upon inspection he noted poorly dressed frets and buzzing straight away. I left it in his hands wondering if it could be improved upon. Having received a very comprehensive email describing the work he had undertaken I arranged to collect it. Wow, the guitar had been transformed into a highly playable dream axe. I couldn’t believe the difference. The guitar played like silk, and held it’s tune for the first time since I owned it. I now intend to take all of my guitars to the Guitar Doc.

Thank you Doc ! John W (Derbys)

Fender Bullet Deluxe: Hi Robin, You have brought this guitar back to life, and the neck plays as if it were brand-new.  I’m extremely happy with the result and I’ll be sending some business your way again soon.. Dominic B.

Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
Robin did an amazing job on my beloved Rickenbacker bass. I had let it get to quite a bad state and I knew it was in desperate need of a set up, but I wanted to find someone I trusted before handing it over. When I came across Robin’s website I knew straight away he was the man for the job. After leaving it with him for a few days I went round to pick it up and could not believe how much he had improved, not only the sound but the playability…… it sounded awesome!!!!! I cannot recommend Robin highly enough, you won’t be disappointed!!! I will certainly be using him for any repairs or setups I need doing in the  future.
Cheers Robin, thanks for all your help, James P.

Gordon Smith G60  Hi Robin, Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for the bridge, nut and fret board on my Gordon Smith G60. It now feels as good as it sounds and plays like an absolute dream. I also very much appreciate the fact that I was regularly informed of progress for the duration of the job – if only Gordon Smith offered the same level of customer service!
Once again, thanks a million – I shall be in touch about a full set up on my Hagstrom Ultra Swede.
All the best. Mike W (Mansfield)

Alden Chicago This man is a genius, he turned my guitar from something I wished I’d never bought into something I will never sell. He is a perfectionist in every way, very polite and very patient. I would never go to any other after his great work. The guitar he put his magic golden touch on is a Les Paul-type Semi . Now it looks like I will have to have his golden magic touch on my other Joe Satriani guitar as the sound alone on my Les Paul is something to die for I will look forward to seeing Robin in the near future. Albert Stuart – a very satisfied customer.

 Iceni Zoot Custom 6-string bass

    Robin is a magician! He has taken my Iceni Zoot 6-string bass and improved its playability in a way that I find hard to believe.  The action on the bass is now wonderfully low but without any of the fretbuzz that I hate.  Getting around the neck is a breeze when it used to be hard work.  Not only is the bass a dream to play, but it sounds so much better, something that the rest of the band commented on immediately in rehearsal the other day.  I have already left him my Yamaha TRB to work on and will bring him the rest of my basses in the coming weeks.  I cannot recommend The Guitar Doctor highly enough and have already done so to the two guitar players in my function band which can be checked out on www.rightperspective.co.uk and are available for weddings, parties, corporate events, etc

Nigel R. (Chesterfield)  “The Right Perspective”

Yamaha FG-335 Acoustic

Thanks once again for the amazing job you’ve done on my guitar – I could not put it down last night! I let my girlfriend know last night that owning 3 guitars was not enough although I’m not convinced she agreed. Anyway, I will definitely bring in my other Yamaha at some point. Many Thanks, Dave.

Fender Stratocaster ’70s (Black)

Hi Robin …. Hope you are well.

Firstly I must say thank you for all your positive input and advice given to me when you carried out the initial assessment. Although I have played guitar for quite a number of years – I learnt a lot about the construction and technicalities of a guitar by just listening to your obvious experience and passion. Although my ‘Stratocaster’ was purchased back in the late seventies, it has never had a ‘health check’ in nearly thirty years and during some of that time hadn’t even seen the light of day !! I have to say that I couldn’t wait to get it back and was keen to see and feel the difference …. ‘WOW!’ was an understatement !!!! Although this was a great guitar – it has now become an incredible sounding instrument – that has raised comment from fellow guitarist that have heard and played it. The action is great and easy to play … and the tone has never been as good. Its always the case that – when someone knows their job – it is always evident in the end result they produce …. I know have one hell of a ‘Strat’ that you could not buy for love nor money !!!