Testimonials – 9

Fender “Geddy Lee” Jazz Bass
Hi Robin,
Just a line to thank you again for the work you did on my bass. It’s  playing an absolute dream. Buzz free and all those tricky fast passages I  was struggling with are now coming out no problem (and in tune!).
Regards, Nick

Epiphone Les Paul Standard ( BLUE !)
I`m a 53 year old piano/Hammond player( band in the 70`s etc) and decided to learn guitar rather late in life. Not knowing anything at all about guitars but a bit about music, and not having the cash or knowledge to buy a `real` one I decided to buy a brand new Epiphone Les Paul Standard, as I have always loved the Gibson Les Paul sound. For the price I think it is a very good guitar, but there were some buzzing frets and the general set up seemed a bit lacking. My teacher recommended Robin the Guitar Doctor!
I have to say that the transformation is amazing. The guitar plays and feels fantastic, there is no buzzing at all and the action, intonation etc is spot on. The attention to detail is second to none, no corners have been cut at all. The fee was very reasonable considering the time spent. Thank you so much Robin. To anyone reading this, here is THE man to sort your axe! look no further!
Robin B (Storm in the 1970`s) ( Nottingham City )
Metallic Blue USA Fender Telecaster
After replacing the maple neck on my tele for a rosewood neck, I thought I could get away with just stringing up and playing…!After realising i was sadly mistaken, I took the plunge and took the guitar to Robin. What can i say? well,to take a pig of a guitar in, and get one of the most beautifully set up and played-in guitars back is an understatement.This guitar plays like an absolute dream..I have to admit I felt quite ashamed to think I could ‘get by ‘ by doing it myself..Ha!
I was met by a guy who was patient,interested,clearly extremely knowledgeable about his craft. I can see it’s been said before in these testimonials, but if you are debating (or trying to put off in my case) having any work done on your guitar don’t think twice just go and talk to Robin.!!
Robin, I would just like to say many many thanks.
Simon (Bingham)

Epiphone Les Paul
I had been looking for an Epiphone Les Paul in white and thought I had got a bargain off ebay brand new for £230 a fantastic looking guitar. When it came it was impossible to tune, sounded rather poor and I thought I’d bought a duff and was very disappointed. I got in touch with The Guitar Doctor who gave my guitar a full service and when I got it back it was fantastic. I now treasure it – the best guitar I’ve ever had !

Thank you so much., Pete

Fender “Highway One” Stratocaster
Hi Robin,
Well I’ve had the guitar back home for 6 hours now and I can’t stop playing the damn thing. I’m one happy fella I can tell you. I can almost feel the hours that you spent giving it the care and attention it obviously needed. I’m not exactly a cultured player but it now feels like the guitar I expected it to be when I bought it. No more fret buzzing or muted notes, the action is spot on and best of all it’s just great fun to play now.
Many, many thanks. I will be back with the other poor mistreated guitars for the same treatment in the new year !
To anyone who reads this who is thinking about getting their guitar set-up correctly – look no further, Robin is your man !
Cheers, Steve

Rickenbacker 360/12 and Crafter SA-TMVS Acoustic Electric both Left Handed.
I have played guitars for over 30 yrs,but having had both these guitars set up,inc fret dressing,new strings and generally “put right”by Robin,means they are so nice to play,I find it difficult to put them down.He truly is a person who wants things to be right,so don’t hesitate to trust him for a really cracking set up. My other guitar is a Gordon Smith,Robin will have that in the near future.

ROY  (Worcester )
Adam Black Guitar

Hi Robin, Just a quick note now I’ve had the Guitar back a month or so. It stays in tune brilliantly and sounds better on the amp. Thanks,Peter.

Fender Stratocaster, Mexican, Left Handed
Hi Robin
You have done a fine job, no more buzzing and now playable again!!! The action is fantastic; my strat has had a long workout on my new blackstar HT 5 and is sounding good; just wish my playing could live up to the same standard!
Thank you
Best Regards,Peter Demaine

Harley Benton Fretless.
Another fantastic set up by Robin. This was an inexpensive fretless bass only costing £115.I know  there was quite a lot of work to do on this bass as the neck needed shimming to allow the action to be adjusted. Robin has excelled himself with this guitar. It has come back to me a new bass. I have played £500-£600 fretless basses and to be honest this now feels like one of them. The speed and
efficiency with which Robin carries out his work is second to none, This man really knows his stuff. I have realised that to a point it is the set up that makes the guitar, not the retail price. Thanks again Robin.I now have 2 basses that I can,t put down. Logistically it’s getting tricky. Thank You. Dean