Testimonials – 11

Tanglewood E1000 acoustic guitar
Needing a new pick-up fitted to our Tanglewood acoustic turned into a truly great discovery – Robin Asher, the Guitar Doctor! Not unnaturally, we were a little apprehensive about leaving the guitar with someone that we had simply chanced upon through Yellow Pages, although the excellent web site was instrumental in helping with the decision (excuse the pun!). But we certainly needn’t have worried. Not only did Robin do a superb job with what turned out to be a tricky operation in fitting the pick-up, but the other improvements to the guitar’s action are equally impressive. No question – we’ll be back when the guitar needs a bit more tlc! Many thanks Robin.
Dave & Marion Downs


Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster.
After not playing for nearly 5 years but then getting caught by the bug again, I found that my beloved Strat didn’t play like it used to – bad fret buzz, notes that hardly rung at all, poor tone and generally just feeling like a £200 guitar. The Strat stayed in its case and I played my other instruments. I finally decided to get the Strat set up or sell it as I was never going to play it how it was. Robin had a look at it and was very helpful and made suggestions on how it could be improved. When I collected it, Robin told me he had had a few problems and he was not 100% happy with the outcome (this had all been in the detailed report that he provided by email). For me the guitar was transformed, it felt better, string bending was so much easier, the tone was improved and I was happy. After a week of playing and over my initial euphoria, I began to notice what Robin had told me, there was still a little fret buzz on the bass strings and once I had noticed it, I couldn’t stop noticing it. I emailed Robin and he offered to take a look again now that the neck adjustments had had a chance to settle in a bit, but living 80 miles away I decided to try to make some small adjustments myself, (guided by Robin). This didn’t work so I decided to make the journey back to Robin’s. Well this time, (and after a lot of hours looking for problems), the result is fantastic. It feels like I have my old guitar back. This guitar now plays 99% perfect, and as a very hard man to please, I suspect that 100% doesn’t exist. Did I mention that Robin didn’t charge for the second visit, it was all part of the service; he has the great ethic that the customer gets what the customer wants and
he won’t be happy until the customer is. I will be back with my 335 on its next birthday.

Regards, Tony Leake.

Telecaster ’74 Custom
When my Telecaster ’74 Custom arrived from a dealer in the States it had a couple of issues. My overall aim was to preserve the originality of the guitar, and Robin immediately understood. He managed to get the humbucker working again, but had to rewire a section (someone had done a serious bodge job in the past!). Once this was done, he checked the neck, adjusted the truss and advised on a fret dress. Now I’ve got the guitar back, I’m
really happy with the results. Robin advised on the scale of charges every step of the way – his service and genuine interest in guitars, second to none. Robin provides attention to detail, superior quality workmanship and detailed advice in abundance. If you’ve got a guitar worth saving – call Robin..

Best Regards, Christian