Testimonials – 14

Epiphone and Fender guitars: Set up and TLC: If you want to turn your annoying plank into a satisfying and rewarding player, leave your guitar or bass with Rob!! Rob is a true guitar enthusiast and it’s quite obvious that he thoroughly enjoys the challenge of bringing instruments up to their maximum playing potential. He’ll lower your action, pain-stakingly file down your frets, straighten your truss
rod, sort out your string buzzes, fix electrics and intonation. Great value and very friendly fellow to boot! Thoroughly recommended for anyone who really cares about their guitars and wants to get more out of them!Jim
June 2008:When I first started playing guitar I had lessons at The Academy of Sound, as it was then. I used to turn up early so that I could have a go on all the acoustics. One particular guitar that I made a bee-line for every week was a Taylor in bright red.Such was its quality it played so sweetly and easily – it was £3500!!!Fast forward a few years and I got myself a bargain on ebay, an Epiphone Dot 335 which, it has to be said, wasn’t very player friendly, buzzing on most frets. I picked Robin’s number out of the Yellow Pages and dropped my guitar off.  Picking it up a week later it soon became apparent what a pig I had originally bought because the transformation was astounding. It now plays every bit as good as that red Taylor, I haven’t been able to put it down.  My back lawn is now obscuring the bird table !!So thanks Robin for turning a £170 pig into a £3500 pearl.
Regards, Ashley

May 2008: The BC Rich is playing very well, and it is particularly nice to be able to get the full range out of the Marshall amp with no crackling or buzzing. Many thanks for your efforts Best wishes, JimJ
April 2008: Many thanks for the work you completed on my Lefty Fender Jazz,it really is a different beast now, the tone seems more even and punchy. I really could not be happier with it- it is a different beast now, the tone seems more even and punchy I would highly recommend your services to anyone with a sick Bass. I will definitely be bringing it back for the bridge and pup upgrades I have planned!
John Moody (The Daylight Robbery)

Jan 2008 I took two guitars, Telecaster and a Les Paul each with their own set of problems  Robin applied his skills to them and e-mailed me with a detailed account of what he had done and why. I received the guitars back and they felt and played great! A first class job, a first class service. Any other guitars I may get in the future I will definitely take them to  Robin to cast his experienced eye over. Many thanks – Jamie

Oct 2007: I’m very pleased to e-mail you the express my delight with the work carried out to my 93 Fender telecaster. The sound quality is now excellent due to the reduction in residual hum and it plays like a dream due to the fret dress. I have had work carried out in the past by
s and have always managed to locate slight hums when bending strings but on this occasion a can not find any faults. I will be recommending your services to band members and plan to bring you my other instruments in due course.Once again many thanks and will be in
contact soon! John Taylor

Nov 2007: Having dropped my guitar on a concrete floor I was in need of a minor repair and set up ! Robin managed to quickly and professionally repair my guitar whilst giving an amazing set up within a demanding time frame. Thankfully my guitar is back to full health and plays better than when it came out of the box 12 years ago! I highly recommend you use the services on offer due to  the great value, excellent product knowledge and friendly service. Thanks again Robin,
I’ll be back soon no doubt!”Sam, Nottm

Thanks Robin, you definitely made a Silk Purse out of the Sow’s ear I brought you. It feels and plays better than it ought to with a neck like  a butcher’s hook. I’ll be back… hopefully next time with a specimen that is more deserving of your talents.Thanks again Mitch

Washburn KC-40V : The Guitar Doctor saved my guitar! Since getting the finished product back I have not been able to put it down,
Its now such a pleasure to play. I have a new found confidence in both my instrument and my playing ability.This guy really knows his stuff! & such a friendly service too Once again thanks very much, it sounds a dream now!
Hi Robin,
Many thanks for the fine work on my Yamaha Bass, it is now wonderful to play and sounds better too ! (as Arnie would say “I’ll Be Back”) I would not have believed that my guitar could be improved so much … WOW !
Thanks again
Tony F (Fingers Crossed) www.fingers-x.co.uk I’d just like to say a big thank you for the work you did on the Ovation Applause recently – it’s made the world of a difference to the guitar!!!

Quite frankly, I was beginning to rue the day I bought it and wasn’t enjoying playing it at all. I thought it would probably get put to one side and forgotten, but now it is a joy to play. Maybe not as rewarding as something more upmarket, but very enjoyable for my purpose, thanks!It now ‘sings out’ more and I can actually get a tune out of it and I no longer feel like an absolute novice whenever I pick it up!Far more playable than I ever thought it could be!Thanks again!

Hi Robin,
Just a quick note to say cheers for a great job on the bass.It plays beautifully now and passed the gigging test. I’ve e-mailed DiMarzio about the pickups and will forward you their response. Cheers again,Big Chris
I hope this message finds you well. Just to let you know the guitar is holding up well after your great work and getting great pleasure from it, many thanks again.. Tony
Feb 2007:Hello Robin, Thank you for the setup, and the time you devoted to chasing a mystery problem on my old Status Series II. The bass plays a hundred times better than before. I always find it difficult to trust somebody with repairs and a setup, but you understand different styles perfectly and the results are in the playing.
Thank you once again and I will visit you soon with another bass for some treatment! Jon Randle
Doctor and the Medics quick ornwall to say thank you for an excellent service & re-string.